Information for Agents Sales & Letting

For real estate agents requiring details about Elizabeth Gardens, including both unit sale and rental.


Information for Real Estate Agents

Elizabeth Gardens does not allow for sale or for lease signs on site, except in the case of agent signage boards for open inspections. Unit auctions may be held on the ground floor area of building (parking area).

Rental of Units

Units are able to be rented for a minimum of six months. Prior to a leasing the unit, Agents will need to provide a tenancy application and have the prospective tenants attend an interview with the Board.

A tenancy application should be sent to and include the following documentation:

  1. Residential Tenancy Application (excluding any financial or banking information)
  2. Photo ID
  3. Signed House Rules
  4. Two references, preferably one be a professional reference (landlord/employer etc.) and the second being a personal reference from someone who is not a family member; the references should confirm that the applicant is a responsible and respectful person

House Rules for Elizabeth Gardens:

Sale of Units

Shareholders intending to sell their unit need to contact the company secretary immediately to ensure compliance with Elizabeth Gardens regulations and to obtain important information that should be included in any agreement of sale. Once contracts have been exchanged the legal representative for the prospective purchasers needs to arrange for their client to complete the application to transfer form and return it to the Company Secretary along with references. An interview will then be arranged by the Company Secretary.

Real estate agents involved in the sale of an Elizabeth Gardens apartment should refer to the company title information at:

Shareholder Information

All general correspondence regarding the building should be also be undertaken through The Elizabeth Gardens managing agent.

Building Address

Elizabeth Gardens Pty LTD
1 Holdsworth Avenue
Elizabeth Bay 2011
ABN 24 000 302 769