Elizabeth Gardens - A Landmark Mid-Century Classic Overlooking Rushcutters Bay Park

General Information for Elizabeth Gardens occupants.

Lifts and Moving In

Elizabeth Gardens has one lift, with automatic doors, from the ground floor area to access all apartments. For residents moving in or out, lift padding is provided in the storage area. These padded curtains must be used to protect from damage, and liability from such damage.

For prompt attention please report any lift issues to the building's provider:

Electra Lifts on: 1300 725 290 or 02 9667 4826

Unit Keys

New unit owners and occupants are provided with existing keys, FOBs, and remote control devices (for parking entry) by the previous owner, or real estate agent, prior to moving in. Tenants are provided with one key, FOB, or remote per person on the lease. Further keys are available from the managing agent, with a deposit of $100 per key, and $50 per FOB refundable on return. Replacement remote access buttons for parking entry require a deposit of $100.


Laundry Facilities

The common laundry is located on ground floor, and may be used between 8.00am to 9.30pm, there is an automatic power cut out at 9.30pm. Power for the laundry machines does NOT come on until 8.00am.  The cost of using the machines is $3.00 per wash (dollar coins only) and $2.00 per dry (one hour, and dollar coins only). Some units have their own laundries.

In case of any issues re jammed coin mechanisms etc residents should contact the building's provider:

Unit Laundries on 02 9953 9282


Each unit has an allocated storage cage area of approximately 3 cubic meters located on the ground floor.



Some units include a parking space and these spaces are clearly marked in the parking area at ground level. Unit holders with parking spaces may use their own space specifically. Ownership of parking spaces is available only to unit owners. For entry to the parking area a remote access button is provided to lower the entry chain.

Those who do not have parking spaces can apply for a residents parking permit to park in the local area under residents permit holder conditions. The Kings Cross parking station is also located nearby and can be helpful for visitors particularly at busy times.

For further information see: Kings Cross Parking Station



The grounds of Elizabeth Gardens are maintained monthly by a gardening team.



Elizabeth Gardens’ common areas are cleaned three times a week, and garbage is removed daily.


Garbage Bins

Regular garbage bins and recycle bins for residents are located at the rear of the parking area

For local recycling information see:


Energy Provision

Elizabeth Gardens has electricity only, so gas appliances can not be used. Hot water is generated by electricity within each unit individually. Common property lighting was recently upgraded to LED which has resulted in cost savings.

Council Rates

Council Rates are applied by the City of Sydney Council, and payable individually by each unit holder. This information will be provided on purchase. A City of Sydney Council Neigbourhood Service Centre is located at:

50-52 Darlinghurst Rd
Kings Cross, NSW 2011

Ph: (02) 9265 9333
Email: council@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

Trade Providers
List of reliable Tradespeople for Elizabeth Gardens:


The following trade providers are familiar with the construction and maintenance of the building and have delivered satisfactory service in the past. However personal arrangements made with them are the responsibility of the unit shareholder, and Elizabeth Gardens is not responsible for any outcomes of these arrangements.

ELECTRICIANS:          1. Astley Electrial  - 9456 4586  - 0409 677 040  - admin@astleyelectrical.com.au
                                2. Advance Fire & Electrical Tom - 0404 741 313  - admin@afelec.com.au

FIRE SYSTEMS:           Firesafe Maintenance - 9552 1904  - service@firesafe.net.au

PLUMBERS:               1. Mark Fitzgerald - 9344 5388 - 0418 640 584
                                2. Prefer To Be Fishing - 1300 773 337 - 0419 983 149 - admin@prefertobefishing.com.au
INTERCOM:                Force Professional Security Services 1300 727 300                              

LOCKSMITHS:             Bellís 9357 2333 / David Carr Locksmiths - 02 9389 8543 - info@davidcarr.com.au

LAUNDRY:                 Unit Laundries, phone 9953 9282

GLAZIER:                  Protec - 9771 6433 - chris@protecglass.com.au - michael@protecglass.com.au

CLEANER:                  Ideal Clean & Fix - Peter mobile 0419 299 531

WINDOW CLEANER:    Pure Action - Martin - 0421 196 119 - Sammy - 0424 419 907

LIFT:                         Electra Lifts - 9667 4826

PAINTING:                 1. J.B. Painters - James - 0414 431 135
                                2.  Rafael Painters, Decorators & Plasterers - 0414 410 510
                                3.  King Kong Painting Services - 0433 597 220 - info@kingkongpainting.com.au
                                4. Luxury Design - 9904 2579 - 1300 019 427 - 0422 036 988 - lux88y@gmail.com

HANDYPERSON:         1. Nick 0401 269 943 nick@handynick.com.au
                                2. Graham Styles 0412 306 716

TILER:                       Matt Orr 0413 563 536

CARPET CLEANING:    Peter 9666 8489 - 0424 558 455

GARDENING:              Lifestyle Sydney Pty. Ltd. Chris 0424 750 503

ENTRY DOOR:            Protec - 9771 6433 - chris@protecglass.com.au - michael@protecglass.com.au

PEST CONTROL:         Pestige Solutions - 02 9544 2580 - info@pestigesolutions.com.au

CITY OF SYDNEY:       Free Council Pickup - 9265 9333 - council@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

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